Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Áheitan á norðurlendsk ljóslistafólk



Curated Place og Reykjavik Winter Light Festival heita á norðurlendsk listafólk um at senda umsóknir til tess at menna ljóslistaverk, sum skulu framsýnast í Reykjavík, Tórshavn og Manchester. Tað ber til at søkja inntil á midnátt mánadagin 9.september. Listafólkini fáa høvið at samstarva við arkitektar, kuratorar og teknikarar til tess at fremja sínar listarligu visiónir.
Curated Place skriva: 
Three commissions are available: 
The largest budget commission opportunity should utilize large scale lighting and work with the built environment. The piece must be of significant scale (whether through construction, illumination or projection), site responsive rather than site specific, and capable of touring numerous locations.
Works that bring people together through mass-participation in a lighting performance/installation to transform areas into an attractive and social space using light. The work can involve the active participation of audience members or operate as an installation that encourages participation and social change on some level.
The third commission will seek to minimize the barriers to participation by adopting a much more DIY approach to light art. Celebrating creativity and urban interventions we are seeking projects that embrace low-cost materials and hacker culture (technological/equipment support is being sought and may be available).
Existing pieces that require development and entirely new concepts are eligible and will be considered by the selection committee.
In all categories the submitted works should be site responsive and adaptable to multiple urban settings.
It is anticipated that the Social and Guerrilla lighting works will be format based allowing for localised iterations at each festival/exhibition. 
Nordic Artists and artists resident in Nordic countries
(artists can apply individually or as part of a group – groups that contain Nordic artists may apply even if all participants are not Nordic nationals or residents)
By submitting your project, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions:
- You are able to develop works between October 2013 and February 2014 with Curated Place and partners.
- You will assist in meeting all health and safety requirements for each installation and 
- You will personally present your work in Reykjavik from February 6-16 2014 and assist with its installation and wrap up to one week before and after the Reykjavik festival. 
- The work will be available to tour at least two further festivals/installations (Manchester and Torshavn);
- You or your representatives will be available to support realising the project in Torshavn and Manchester.
- You will carry out all reasonable PR and press appearances made by the project team.
Indicative development budgets are: 
Architectural (€15,000)
Social (€10,000)
Guerrilla (€8,000)
Full project cost can be higher however these costs should include all artist’s fees for development and three exhibitions as well as barebones tech set-up. Artist’s will be expected to provide their own basic computing facilities and public liability insurance. We welcome financially demanding projects, however, artists must be prepared to work with Curated Place to cover their total cost or devise ways of realising the projects within set budgets. 
The selection committee may consider additional funding for projects of exceptional quality.
The application for must be submitted in English via the online application form before midnight on the 9th September 2013. 
Reykjavik Winter Light Festival February 6-16 February 2014
Deadline for submission of application: 9th September 2013
We will get back to you with results of the assessment before end of September 2013.

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