Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dana Schutz sýnir fram í Europa

Dana Schutz: Assembling an Octupus (2013)
Listakvinnan Dana Schutz býr og arbeiðir í New York, men hevur t.d. verið at sæð á bólkaframsýningum hjá t.d. Saatchi í London. Hennara fyrsta serframsýning í London er í løtuni at síggja í Hepworth Wakefield gallarínum og í november verður hon við á CFA (Contemporary Fine Arts) í Berlin. Hennara myndir eru stuttligar, men kunnu eisini vera eitt sindur óhugnaligar og ljótar. Eg havi sæð nakrar portrettmyndir hjá henni fyri einum tíggju árum síðani, sum veruliga festu seg í minninum, ikki minst myndin av nudistinum Frank at the beach, sum myndin eitur. Hon sæst niðast her.

Á heimasíðuni hjá Artforum greiðir listakvinnan frá nýggju málningunum: For my latest painting in the show, Assembling an Octopus—which depicts a series of vignettes of people demonstrating actions—I worked on each part of the image wet on wet so that it looks as though the painting happened all at once. The work pictures a group of people that are individually engaged in scopic tasks but together assemble the image of an octopus. I wanted the whole painting to be open so I erased much of it and constantly repainted some sections until it was done, which also made the painting much thinner. An octopod’s skin acts like its brain; it uses it to communicate instead of telepathically hearing, wearing its thoughts on the outside. There are also elements within the painting that are octopus-like: There’s a woman inspecting a child’s tongue, for example. But there’s also a life drawing class and a couple walking on a beach, too. “Everyday” seems like what a politician would say, but my subjects are derived from this level of realism, rooting the work in some form of logic, whether it’s cause or effect, or just people having to wear clothes. Humor fits in there as well because there’s something recognizable about it. I generate this kind of information because I like the idea of being able to read a painting, instead of just registering an image that comes from life. My newest series that will be shown in Berlin depicts proposals for a god, or what God could look like without all the religiosity. I’m not particularly religious, but I was interested in God as a representational problem. Lesið meira her: