Tuesday, May 3, 2011


June 1st, H.M. Queen Beatrix will open the Biennale Kijkduin 2011. This sixth edition marks the ten year anniversary of the biennial existence of the international exhibition of monumental glass- and light art at boulevard, dunes and ‘het Deltaplein’ of Kijkduin, the southern resort of The Hague.

The theme is ‘Chemistry – Creating new Worlds’, allowing the Biennale to be included in the VN program of the International Year of Chemistry 2011. Twenty artists from eight counties were inspired by the chemistry theme. With their entries, they explore the range of chemical science and test the ideas against their own vision to mankind and society.

The collection includes a.o.: the glass Igloo of Tróndur Patursson (DK) where, on entrance, the visitor is included in the infinity of the universe and the oceans;  the glass blown ‘viruses’ by Luke Jerram (UK); the lit Water Towers by Bruce Munro (UK); the magisterial ‘Flower from the Universe’ by Titia EX (NL); the brood ‘Carried by Generations’ by Koen Vanmechelen (B), the fluorescent glass uranium container by Ann Veronica Janssens (BE); the works of Lucy and Jorge Orta (FR/ARG) that refer to the increasing scarcity of clean drinking water. At night, 100 crystal eyes are gazing at the sea and the dunes from the Kijkduin lighthouse. The LED lights inside give the visitor a sensational view of this ‘ Night Watch’. During the day, one can see the pupils of the eyes, that, according to tradition, were painted by Chinese artists. A creation of the English artist duo Wokmedia from their studio in Shanghai.

The Biennale Kijkduin 2011 also is the starting point for the international glass symposium ‘ Transparant Vision – the Art and Science of Glass’, which is held June 10th 2011 in the Municipal Museum of the Hague. Eleven speakers share their expertise with students, artists, scientists and glass producing companies. Main speakers are prof.dr.Robbert Dijkgraaf, prof.dr.ir.Mick Eekhout and prof.dr.Hans Galjaard.

Also new is the CO2 neutral nature of the exhibition. A solar collector in the dune generates the energy during the day, which is then used during the night to light the artworks with LED lights. In addition, the Biennale Kijkduin 2011 includes an Educational Program for primary and secondary education, as well as a public program with guided tours, lectures and the Rabo KIJK! – contest for photography, film and Twitter poetry. June 8th and 10th, the ‘Ballad of the Rising Sun’ will be performed in a Westland radish greenhouse, a show with music, vocals and glass percussion In this project of writer/director Jan Doms, the Japanese singer Yuka Kawabe, the Westland Male Choir and the Paul van Kemenade Quintet participated.

Biennale Kijkduin 2011 runs from June 2nd to June 26th 2011. Information: www.biennalekijkduin.nl