Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hanni Bjartalíð artist in recidence

Hanni Bjartalid - Artist in residence 16th March - 24th March 2014
Í hesum døgum er Hanni Bjartalíð í Manchester og arbeiðir sum artist in recidence hjá Curated Place Studios í Federation Building. Vit fara at uppliva verkini hjá Hanna Bjartalíð í Føroyum um ikki so langa tíð í Steinprenti og seinni í Norðurlandahúsinum - meira um hetta seinni.
Curated Pace skrivar: 
Part of our ongoing programme around the Northern Lights projects Bjartalíð will be experimenting with light forms interacting with his sculptural works on a large scale.  These experiments will then be developed for exhibition at the Torshavn Nordic House Light Festival in November 2014 before returning to Manchester in December alongside Ulf Pedersen, Tine Beck, Nick Malbon, Marcos Zotes and Kristjan Kristajanssen’s project team Myrkraverk.
Bjartalíð (b. 1968) is a major innovator in Faroese art. He is probably the only Faroese artist making sustainable work. Originally a painter, he has been compared to the Italian Arte Povera artists by using found materials close at hand. 
Working with Curated Place in 2012 his work featured in Liverpool Biennial in our North Atlantic Pavilion where the Sunday Times applauded the authenticity and located nature of this work
“these are true international artists whose work feels tangibly of its place, who take some searching out and who do not yet speak the ubiquitous art Esperanto that makes so many contri­butions to so many biennales feel so interchangeable.”
Waldemar Januszczak, The Sunday Times 23rd September 2012