Thursday, March 6, 2014

Goethe Rimbaud, Stravinsky og Jóhan Martin

Á heimasíðuni Kopenhagen er í dag ein áhugaverd samrøða við listamannin Jóhan Martin Christiansen, har listamaðurin tosar um sólarris og hvussu hugtikin hann er av litum. Her er byrjanin á samrøðuni, sum er á enskum, eg seti leinki inn niðast:
"Sunrises – that’s where it all began, the fascination of colours. I’d took off from painters such as Monét, that painted the sunrises and who sort of framed the whole movement of impressionism. The impression of a sunrise – and that’s where I start. I let myself enter into the orange colour, and through this felt closer to its being. And if one repeats the word "orange", one begins to see orange everywhere: suddenly an orange becomes a revelation of the colour as such. The same happened in this exhibition - at some point last summer the word or idea about the "green" appeared.

Not as an epiphany, but in the network of observations, one bumps into in the everyday life. After some time this develops to something more - like a snowball effect, it becomes bigger and bigger, and suddenly one sees green everywhere. Then, one can start calculating and contextualize these observations which eventually end up as an exhibition."