Monday, February 3, 2014

3 x finsk list - myndir og røða

Eg vil bjóða vælkomin til myndlistarliga partin av finsku vikuni í Norðurlandahúsinum. Eg vil takka tykkum øllum fyri, at tit eru her. Tað er ein gleði at kunna deila listina við tykkum. Og so vil eg takka Norðurlandahúsinum, sum eg haldi gevur okkum øllum nakað sera týdningarmikið við at hyggja út í heim, og við at vísa okkum, hvussu nógvir møguleikar rúmast í listini. Tit gera, at her verður hægri til loftið. Tað eri eg sera takksom fyri.

Men, her eru eisini onnur til staðar, sum eg gjarna vil takka, og tað verður á enskum, so tey øll skilja tað.

Dear artists

We are very proud and happy to be able to present no less than three exhibitions today, and glad that,  thanks to you, the visual arts are playing such a big and strong role in this festival.

So thank you. Thanks to the Lithographic Workshop Steinprent and their exhibiting artists: Outi Heiskanen, Anna Seppälä and Ilona Raipala, warm thanks to Tita Vinther and finally our special thanks to Terike Haapoja.

Questions arise, when we are so lucky as to experience great art. Questions concerning human beings as species of nature, part of a whole rather than individuals may arise, when we are experiencing Tita Vinther’s magnificient sail, which is woven from human hair, but seems to weave together an endless number of stories, associations and meanings, through its motif, its structure and form, and its use of emptiness and fullness. Just as questions concerning the forces of nature, and human battle against these forces may arise, when we are experiencing one of Anna Seppälä’s poetic pieces, in which trees or birds appear in barren human made environments with countless rhythmic rows of houses and monotonous patterns of synthetic stone and glass. 

Some of these questions reappear in Terike Haapoja´s installation “Community” that treats the concept of entropy. Entropy is for instance described as the degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity and as the degree of disorder, randomness, uncertainty and chaos in a system.  

In “Community” we witness and become part of the death of a horse, a calf, a dog, a cat and a bird. We see how their body heat falls and vanishes, we experience how they slowly fade and finally and irreversibly disappear into their surroundings – just as we, being part of the same ecosystem, the same community as this horse, this calf, this dog, this cat and this bird, will fade and disappear into our surroundings, when we die.

Terike Haapoja make these invisible facts visible, she puts into aesthetic form the concept of entropy, and finds artistic possibilities in  letting us taking part in a community. She lets technology, nature, art, science, politics and environmental ethics meet, and thereby she gives us the possibility to question the focus of society on individuality, on “us” and “them”, on production and overproduction, to question how we treat the environment and exclude fellow beings. And for that we are very thankful.

So thanks, once again, Terike Haapoja, as well as Tita Vinther and Steinprent.